Tekla Structures:
Lucas Corporation is pleased to announce the use of Tekla Structures, the most advanced Building Information Modeling software on the market. This 3D modeling software enables us to streamline the detailing process, increase productivity, and provide our customers with a superior product.

Click on the links below to view samples of our 3D Modeling:

1.) Sanford Heart Hospital for Egger Steel Co.
2.) Fargo Wellness Center for Fargo Tank & Steel Co.
3.) AK Steel Alloy & Flux Storage Bins for Dover Tank & plate Co.
4.) Medical Office Building for Dover Tank & Plate Co.
5.) Pine City Clinic for Daka Metal Fabricators
6.) Freshmark Raw Bacon Addition for Dover Tank & Plate Co.
7.) Spiritwood Station Boiler C Exhaust Duct for Rapat Corporation

Lucas Corporation has the ability to run up to four (4) stations based on customer preferred software.

Lucas Corporation has one (1) available SolidWorks station.

AutoCAD 2007-2013:
Lucas Corporation is currently running multiple stations of AutoCAD 2007-2013. We've customized AutoCAD to accommodate our customer's unique needs for structural steel and miscellaneous metal detailing.

Mindshift Technologies:
As a rapidly-growing company, we recognize that today’s industry leaders must be competitive, work smarter, maximize their ROI while focusing on their business so that customer needs are met.

Mindshift Technologies provides Lucas Corporation with a safe and secure environment for file sharing with all of our customers.

Lucas Corporation has become a leader in our industry and Mindshift Technologies has helped us get there!


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